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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi, my name is soarjadethehedgehog, but feel free to call me Emberdawn, Nikko, or Lumina! I mainly do Pokémon, Warriors and MLP. I have another account where I submit writing called writingforever2468, so check that out when you have the time!


Full Pokéteam
This is it; you're about to face the Champion with these 6 Pokémon on your team! Actually, you're just finding a new background, but couldn't find the perfect one with your 6 Pokémon of your choosing, so you just commissioned one instead.
Super awesome Pokéteam of 5
I honestly have no idea what the equivalent is of a team of 5 Pokémon but this is a Pokéteam made up of 5 Pokémon of your choosing!
Double Tower Team
Commission: Toxic's Pokeground by soarjadethehedgehog
It's the same as a Pokéground and Pokéteam, but with 4 Pokémon of your choosing, just like the double battles of the Battle Tower in Sinnoh!
Single Tower Team
This is the same as Pokégrounds and Pokéteams, but including three Pokémon of your choosing, just like the single battles in the Battle Tower of Sinnoh!
Practically the same as Pokégrounds, except this time, I'll be including 2 Pokémon of your choosing!
Umbreon background by soarjadethehedgehog
Vaporeon background by soarjadethehedgehog
Give me a Pokémon and I'll make a Pokéground (Pokémon background) just like the examples!
Custom Request
Under the Sea by soarjadethehedgehog
"Custom Request" is where you give me requests and some points, minimum is 10 (Because I don't want you guys to pay too much (and i tried to go with 1, but it didn't work)), and I pay back with art. I'll try to do the best I can, in a short amount of time.
Theme: Well, NOTHING obviously.
Time: I'll try to keep it at a minimum of 3-5 days, but if it takes longer, than no more than 2 weeks.
Payment: A request/commission + 10 points.


There's Always Light in Darkness by soarjadethehedgehog
There's Always Light in Darkness
There's always hope.

Or apparently the world is ending in that picture according to my mom. Either one works.

All camera details are in Camera Data.

© Please don't steal this picture. I took it myself.
A Dahlia in Darkness by soarjadethehedgehog
A Dahlia in Darkness
I'm pretty sure it's a dahlia.
I'll ask my mom later.
Also yes, I'm continuing this flower post thing,

Anyways, so I took this picture this morning around 11 AM EST and the flowers are in the shadows of my house so the picture, even when I tweaked with the exposure levels, was pretty dark.

So I opened GIMP and played with the contrast and brightness levels until I found something I liked and this is it.

It's a pretty crappy picture tbh
It's not even in the center.
Commission: Toxic's Pokeground by soarjadethehedgehog
Commission: Toxic's Pokeground
honestly i failed at this :SUPERMARFAIL:

It looks super weird but uh here you go

This was a commission for :icontoxicwheezing:
Program used: Inspire Pro (Paid)
Time taken: A long long time due to procrastination and laziness and difficulty. I'll try to time next time.

I think I failed cuz of the blending and the placement. Toxi, why u so demanding

Okay, so, heyo...

I'm here to talk about a really bad topic...

And this is it:…

So, that news channel is the CTV News Channel, which is the national news channel of Canada and Mississauga is my's super rare that my town gets mentioned on the local Toronto news and as far as I know, my town has never been mentioned on the national news. Also, according to a friend, it's also being shown in America...yay...

If you didn't read the article, essentially what happened was that there was an explosion in my town about 2-3 hours ago at the time I am writing this. It killed at least 1 person and destroyed a total of 25 houses.

Fortunately, I'm okay but I feel absolutely terrible.

Apparently, Mississauga is trending on Twitter right now, which makes me feel a little better...I did just tweet out something on Twitter about it and hopefully I can start a trending hashtag, #MiracleforMississauga, because if that happens, I'll feel a lot better...

I'm pretty shaken up right now and it might be because I'm a lot more emotionally sensitive and empathetic than my friends, so if I don't comment or post or write or favorite or just generally socialize, it's because of the explosion and the fact that I feel absolutely terrible that I had no idea that this had even occurred until 2 hours later.

As well as being upset, I am also packing for a vacation today and tomorrow and won't be on often on the 30th because I'll be on the road to New Jersey...

So, all in all, I'm pretty upset right now...I'm just going to go and dissolve into a ball of sadness...

  • Listening to: The news...
  • Reading: The news...
  • Watching: The news...
  • Playing: Nothing...
  • Eating: Diner
  • Drinking: Water
- Full Name: you think im about to say my full name no no you dont Leah
- Public Nicknames: Lumina/Soar/Faith/Emberdawn
- Friends-Only Nicknames: Lee
- Age: shhhhhhh 14
- Gender: Female
- Acceptable Pronouns: I prefer feminine pronouns, but if you accidentally call me a guy I wouldn't mind
- Sexual/Romantic Orientation: straight as far as i can tell
- Relationship Status: h a h a what relationship
- Date of Birth: October. And no, the date on my page isn't my actual birth date.
- Astronomical Sign: Scorpio. fite me
- Birthplace: In a hospital in my hometown
- Current Residence: A city right next to Toronto, Canada
- Occupation(s): e x a m s and i volunteer at an oxford learning centre


- Blood Type: b
- Ethnicity/Ancestry: chinese man. chinese all the way
- Height: 5'3 or something around that (im exactly 163 cm .-.)
- Weight: im not one of those people who go around weighing themselves everyday sooooo idk man
- Bodily Build: im pretty flexible???
- Eye Color: dark brown
- Hair Color: a super dark shade of brown thats nearly black, but isnt exactly black
- Skin Tone: a mix between peach and yellow. aka, a typical chinese person
- Scars/Markings: a c n e i h a t e y o u


- General Attitude: i can be sassy when i want to be and i can also get super depressed like eeyore from winnie the pooh he was my fave. generally im quiet but im secretly judging you in my mind.
- Life’s Aspirations: to live. jk, i wanna leave a mark on the world but that's never going to happen
- Favorite Foods: sweet and sour pork espECIALLY THE ONE FROM YUAN MING AAAAAAA SO GOOD
- Religion: atheist. me not religious.
- Likes: im a video game nerd, a bookworm, a fanfic writer, a photographer, a weeaboo and a koreaboo. that's pretty much it and i think you can tell a lot about me from that. oh, and im in a bunch of fandoms. kingdom hearts is one of them and aaaaAAAAAAAAA THE NEW TRAILER CAME OUT AND 2.8 IS COMING OUT THIS DECEMBER AAAAAAAAA AND WE'RE NOT GETTING ANY INFO ABOUT KH3 AT E3 BUT WHO CARES ATM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
- Dislikes: spiders, clowns, spiders, annoying people, spiders, spoilers, spiders, screaming, oh and did i mention the spIDERS

- Relationships: 

- Father: he's a math genius and the main reason why im so good at math this has nothing to do with the stereotypes about chinese people. he can be pretty tough sometimes, but i still love him to death
- Mother: my mother is nice and kind but also a bit pushy when it comes to life lessons or techniques i should be learning
- Sister(s): h a h a im an only child
- Brother(s): h a h a still an only child
- Best Friends: i have...a couple best friends irl. theyre all in my close group of friends (btw these are nicknames): senor lopez, cancer, olive/alice, legleg, juan pablo, purplepanda,  natasha (she doesnt have a nickname), shagheera (i know i spelled your name wrong, but it was for a very good reason), sidian, um um rushil and caleb i guess?
i have a couple best friends on da: ToxicWheezing AquaAngel1010 0Gamex0 (y i k e s we havent talked i nforever) ClockworkScara epictomboy (do you even use that account anymore) laurasanya (we haven't talked much but uh yeah)
- Pets - i live in a petless house
- Tags: everyone i tagged in the da best friends and Paluumin camgelicuu kpoppinkiwibird Moonbeam566747 (i question why i dont follow you on this account)

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mechanicalSavior Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey gurlie, dunno if you remember me~ 

It's me, Dove-Staar 

Yeah i moved accounts and started anew q-q

im sorry for what happened in your home town tho q-q

and that im so fucking late about it

I hope you're doing well
soarjadethehedgehog Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
omg i thought you disappeared off the face of the internet

a while ago i saw you deleted your old account

everything's fine in my hometown; it was just an old furnace that didnt get updated

okay well now i know what account you're using
mechanicalSavior Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I am here OuO I am back now.

Ah that's good quq
soarjadethehedgehog Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Student Digital Artist
very good :)
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