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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi, my name is soarjadethehedgehog, but feel free to call me Emberdawn, Nikko, or Lumina! I mainly do Pokémon, Warriors and MLP. I have another account where I submit writing called writingforever2468, so check that out when you have the time!


Full Pokéteam
This is it; you're about to face the Champion with these 6 Pokémon on your team! Actually, you're just finding a new background, but couldn't find the perfect one with your 6 Pokémon of your choosing, so you just commissioned one instead.
Super awesome Pokéteam of 5
I honestly have no idea what the equivalent is of a team of 5 Pokémon but this is a Pokéteam made up of 5 Pokémon of your choosing!
Double Tower Team
Commission: Toxic's Pokeground by soarjadethehedgehog
It's the same as a Pokéground and Pokéteam, but with 4 Pokémon of your choosing, just like the double battles of the Battle Tower in Sinnoh!
Single Tower Team
This is the same as Pokégrounds and Pokéteams, but including three Pokémon of your choosing, just like the single battles in the Battle Tower of Sinnoh!
Practically the same as Pokégrounds, except this time, I'll be including 2 Pokémon of your choosing!
Umbreon background by soarjadethehedgehog
Vaporeon background by soarjadethehedgehog
Give me a Pokémon and I'll make a Pokéground (Pokémon background) just like the examples!
Custom Request
Under the Sea by soarjadethehedgehog
"Custom Request" is where you give me requests and some points, minimum is 10 (Because I don't want you guys to pay too much (and i tried to go with 1, but it didn't work)), and I pay back with art. I'll try to do the best I can, in a short amount of time.
Theme: Well, NOTHING obviously.
Time: I'll try to keep it at a minimum of 3-5 days, but if it takes longer, than no more than 2 weeks.
Payment: A request/commission + 10 points.


The Stars Are Yours by soarjadethehedgehog
The Stars Are Yours
Soooo this was a gift for a friend of mine who lives in Britain and was born the day after I was born :Portal:

hahahaha i had help from my friend (aka LauraLapiz) drawing this she drew the starry background and uh I did not draw the cat Shrugs i got a cat silhouette on the internet and im not sure which one so i will take a minute to go google it now

here we go this is where i got the cat silhouette clipart from:…
got it? have fun with it Blow kiss markimoo is sending you love

Oh and I and my friend drew this picture using Ibis Paint on our my iPad.
Martha Washington Geraniums by soarjadethehedgehog
Martha Washington Geraniums
Right so I took a full 15 minutes with a couple of friends to figure out the name of these flowers before I realized what they were. True story LOLOLOLOLOL

I also just noticed that the flowers are a little bit wilted/torn but eh that's okay it's still a good photo.

As usual, all the camera details are under Camera Details.

© Photo was taken by me
There's Always Light in Darkness by soarjadethehedgehog
There's Always Light in Darkness
There's always hope.

Or apparently the world is ending in that picture according to my mom. Either one works.

All camera details are in Camera Data.

© Please don't steal this picture. I took it myself.
A Dahlia in Darkness by soarjadethehedgehog
A Dahlia in Darkness
I'm pretty sure it's a dahlia.
I'll ask my mom later.
Also yes, I'm continuing this flower post thing,

Anyways, so I took this picture this morning around 11 AM EST and the flowers are in the shadows of my house so the picture, even when I tweaked with the exposure levels, was pretty dark.

So I opened GIMP and played with the contrast and brightness levels until I found something I liked and this is it.

It's a pretty crappy picture tbh
It's not even in the center.
Commission: Toxic's Pokeground by soarjadethehedgehog
Commission: Toxic's Pokeground
honestly i failed at this :SUPERMARFAIL:

It looks super weird but uh here you go

This was a commission for :icontoxicwheezing:
Program used: Inspire Pro (Paid)
Time taken: A long long time due to procrastination and laziness and difficulty. I'll try to time next time.

I think I failed cuz of the blending and the placement. Toxi, why u so demanding

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